John the biker

Another image in which I try to get the Joel Grimes effect.

John the biker

Roy Allen

In my attempt to produce photographs in the Joel Grimes style I shot my photo friend Roy and was pleased with the way it turned out. Note that I had a hard time getting a serious look out of him as he is normally cheerful and smiling.




a self-portrait trying a new style

I have been through a long dry spell (over nine months) of no serious photography. Recently I have thought I should get active again, and in so doing, perhaps re-invent myself photographically. While cruising the internet for inspiration, I re-visited the website of Joel Grimes and was again impressed with his images, mainly of his male athletes and musicians — Joel Grimes Athletes and his Musicians.

I shot a self-portrait of myself, trying to copy his style, and had fun while doing it. See below. Hope to find models to do more work like this in the near future.

Hollywood+ Field Trip

I recently led a mini-field trip for some of my photo friends in my camera club. We went to the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City to view an amazing multi-media presentation of digital photography, then dinner at the LA Farmer’s Market, and finally to Hollywood for several hours of after-dark street shooting. All seemed to have an enjoyable time. Below are several of my shots from the outing.


No, this is not that kind of place. We serve sushi here





















I can dance like him





















I can only dream






































El Taquero


Trees at Night

I have begun work on a new portfolio — that of photographing trees with my light painting techniques. Below is one. More can be seen in my gallery Trees at Night.



Sally and her tractor

In an attempt to broaden my skills, I shot an environmental portrait using light painting techniques. In doing so, I shot the tractor with traditional light painting techniques, illuminating with a flashlight. Then Sally got on her tractor and I popped a couple frames illuminating with a speedlight. In Photoshop I then blended all frames together.

The tractor is a 1956 Case which has been fully restored. Sally belongs to a tractor club and displays her tractor at fairs, farm festivals, and parades.



Graffiti Artist

Recently I got a buddy to pose as a graffiti artist (a geriatric graffiti artist ? — an interesting concept). I asked him to pose as a mean, angry MF and he played the part well, although, he is actually a very nice guy. I was after a gritty, grungy look and was happy with the way they turned out.
































































West Hollywood Costume Carnaval

Halloween night I attended the West Hollywood Costume Carnaval. It was a wild and wondrous affair. Many costumes were erotic, and well beyond that which would be considered in good taste, but that’s to be expected in West Hollywood. Nevertheless, it appeared all 400,000 attending had a good time. Below are several of my images suitable for family viewing.

Mad Hatter












Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts
















best friends, West Hollywood















Cupcake girl Halloween

cupcake girl


West Hollywood beauty queen

The End

The monthly photo assignment for my camera club this month is The End (as in the end of the year as this is the last meeting). I am submitting the following as I thought it was an appropriate submission for an “end” theme.


a bunch of butts, or hind ends


Rainy day in LA

On a recent rare rainy day in So. Cal. I traveled to downtown LA for some street shooting. Following are some of my better shots.