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At the county fair

When viewing a photo friend’s blog recently, I saw she had posted street photography type images shot at night at the local county fair (see Nancy’s blog and more on her Flickr site). I was impressed with them, and got inspired to try it myself. Below are my results.            

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Ron’s Guest Blog

Recently I was asked by Rick Sammon (podcaster, prolific author of photo books, blogger, educator, guru of all things photographic, and all-round nice guy) to do a guest blog on his daily blog. In that blog post I talked about my light painting efforts. Click below to see it.

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Hotel Meade

This was shot at a ghost town in Montana. Before I am accused of compositing this, let me say that it was not. A number of frames were taken with a fixed camera over about a hour, beginning shortly before total darkness. The building was illuminated after dark with a spotlight. The various layers were […]

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Flour Mill

I was given overnight access to an abandoned flour mill in Eastern Washington. It was a five story tower and I got quality shots on four of the stories. Below is the first. Will post more in coming weeks.

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Advanced Photoshop cloning technique

An advanced Photoshop cloning technique — cloning through a tonal gradient. In my last blog post I described a still life shot I made of a book. In doing the shoot I had to use clamps and other aids to get the pages to behave as I wanted. I knew this would be a problem […]

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The History of Tom Jones

I had an idea for a still life shot of a book and went to the used book store of my local library and there found a very suitable candidate — a pristine, boxed copy of The History of Tom Jones, an exceptionally scandalous book when it was written in 1749. The shooting of this […]

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Sad Rose

I saw this rose and it looked so sad.  

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Beets & Sunflowers

I accompanied my wife to the Farmers Market on Saturday and there saw the beets and recognized they would make an interesting still life. While carrying them around the market, I saw that the yellow of the sunflowers would blend nicely with the purple and green of the beets.  

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Broken Eggs

While visiting an art gallery recently I saw an oil painting of some broken eggs. I liked the design and concept, but thought I could produce a work with more impact with photography.

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Blue Ribbon Winner

I picked up my photos at the conclusion of the Santa Paula Art and Photography Show and was pleased to learn that I had won first place blue ribbons both as the judges pick for best image and for the viewers pick as favorite photo.

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