Other Light Painters

Eric Curry — He does amazingly beautiful work, mainly shooting large vehicles, often with people in the scene which is difficult because of the long exposures required with the technique.

Harold Ross — He mainly shoots landscapes and still life subjects. He also conducts light painting workshops.

Aaron Jones — He popularized the light painting technique years ago, shooting film, when it was more difficult than now in the digital age.


Photographers Ron Follows

Andrzej Dragan — Character portraits.

Lorenzo Dominquez — Street photography.

Richard Reinsdorf — Commercial photography.

Giedrius Varnas — Fine art.

Sebastiao Salgado — Photojournalism.


Other Friends and Affiliates

Ventura County Camera Club

Studio Channel Island Art Center

Hutch Hutchinson — friend and versatile photographer

Nancy Lehrer — also versatile, but does wonderful street photography